My name is Alyssa. I'm a wife to an amazing man. I am a photographer and I love to design. Tied to the state of Michigan. There is a whole world out there and a whole lot I want to do in it. Adventure lurks through the touch of clay, the weaving of yarn or the thought of someday having small farm and meeting the needs of others in unfamiliar places. I become emotionally tangible with the music I enjoy and I see beauty in what is natural, finding myself constantly composing a picture for the lens to see the extravagant glory put before us. I want a place where everyone feels welcome and inspired, where love fills the room like the smell of a favorite candle and a warmth that over rules loneliness. I'm inspired by the love of God. 
God, if I don't get anything else
done today, I want to know You
more and love You better.

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